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Former Domestic Violence/Sex Assault Prosecutor

Recommended by Equal Justice Foundation as having "an extremely high rate of acquittals/dismissals"

Accepts collect calls from jail 24/7, accepts mastercard/visa

Exclusively criminal defense, specializing in sex assault/domestic violence and DUI
cases.  Elaine Lukic is recommended by the Equal Justice Foundation,, as having “one of the highest rates in Colorado for dismissals/acquittals.”

A former domestic violence/sex assault prosecutor, Elaine Lukic has extensive experience
and training in litigating domestic violence and sex assault cases and has represented numerous high profiles cases.  She also specializes in DUI and DWAI cases, DMV hearings and is known for quickly recognizing unreasonable search and seizure activities by law enforcement that are often found in DUI stops.     

Elaine Lukic has a Christian background with a reputation for aggressive but empathetic representation.  She is affiliated with Teen Challenge, a residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Denver with an 85% recovery rate.  She is frequently able to assist
clients in avoiding any jail sentence at all in difficult DUI cases where  other attorneys are not.


Experienced Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer